Rob Mulsoff

Founder and President

Rob’s fixation on breakdancing Stormtroopers, followed by a feverish love of the Styx mega-hit, Mr. Roboto, led to the Robot Doppelganger.

Marching along for more twenty years in the marketing industry, Rob has been a creative force on campaigns and programs from packaged goods to healthcare, dog food to cell phones, air fresheners to whiskey. He thrives on collaborating with passionate (and nice) people that collectively spark transformational ideas that illuminate human truths and visually create a “Wow Factor.” A Creative Director, Art Director, Photographer and Business Leader all in one.

Agency Experience: Upshot, Proof (Jim Beam), FCB, Ogilvy Action

Client Experience: Corona, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, Motorola, Del Monte, Jack Daniel’s, Kraft, Unilever, SC Johnson, Nestle, Jim Beam

Gene Zak

Founder and Art Director

Gene’s high-octane design sensibility battles his hard-to-kill dream of becoming a nationally-ranked Formula 1 Driver to reveal Pistol Piston.

Elevating design lives at the core of Gene’s passion. His vision and ability to set brands apart truly sets him apart. Honed over years of meticulous attention to craft, he has been the heart and soul of the design practice throughout his career. Fresh. Innovative. Contemporary, Gene has been pushing boundaries on everything from brand development to website design to lifestyle photography.

Agency Experience: Plan B, Michael Coleman LLC, Bee-Line Communications

Client Experience: Jaguar, Trump Realty, Milbank, Mather Lifeways, Pure Via, Protein Bar, Volkswagen, Make It Better and iRhythm

Brandon Dierker

Founder and Art Director

Brandon's penchant for “that old time rock ‘n roll” fused with a habit of taking spontaneous nature walks, spawned the Hippie Rock Star Asparagus.

The Journey continues for Brandon as his career evolved from classically-trained art director to digitally-savvy expert. He brings an advanced design aesthetic to digital experiences that communicate across platforms. From innovative UI/UX, with an emphasis on smart functionality across shapes and devices, to social media expertise. His approach is informed by a foundation in traditional design, print and packaging.

Agency Experience: Pinnacle Advertising, Bee-Line Communications

Client Experience: Pepsico, Volkswagen, Mazda, W.R. Cobb, City of Delavan

Mike Enright

Client Engagement Director

Mike masterfully blends rescuing Golden Retrievers by day while irradiating the intricacies of wine by night to sire the Sophisticated Bulldog.

A seriously experienced business and account leader, Mike has spent twenty-plus years helping clients succeed through creative success. He has led the development of memorable campaigns across multiple clients in multiple categories: CPG, Technology, Spirits, Hardware, Non-Profits and more. Activation, Branding, Shopper Marketing, Events, Client Consulting and Ambassadorship are his sweet spots.

Agency Experience: Draft-FCB, Integer, Cramer-Krasselt, Davidson Marketing, Laughlin Constable, Upshot, Beam Suntory (Client)

Client Experience: Jack Daniels, Kraft, P&G, Kellogg's, Beam Suntory, Con Agra, HP, Post Foods, On-Star

Dan Fisher

Creative Director

Dan’s early love of Bruce Lee movies combined with his soaring leaps as a Division 1 long jumper inspired the Ninja Kangaroo.

Leaping forward more than twenty years, Dan is passionate about powerful, people-inspired ideas. His expertise focuses on the convergence of traditional brand advertising with Digital, Social, Shopper Marketing and Big Data. He has a truly media-biased background, with extensive expertise in areas such as brand development, e-commerce, integrated retail programs, CRM, social media/social commerce, website development, sampling, events and iMedia creation.

Agency Experience: Leo Burnett, Arc Worldwide; Ogilvy Action

Client Experience: P&G, MillerCoors, Coca-Cola, Jim Beam, Whirlpool, Microsoft, BBBSMC, Kraft/Heinz, Unilever, Dyson


Office Barista

Patrick is an enigma in that he is a caricature of a caricature – nevertheless, take our word for it that Mr. Coffee Cup is a true reflection of his inner being.

Prior to joining Pixelarium with a six-figure salary (paid exclusively in Bitcoin), Patrick struggled as a model at Legoland. Told he was lacking “that classic look,” he got back on his feet with voice-over work in both The Lego Movie and The Lego Batman Movie. When the residuals ran dry, Patrick was consoled by a sympathetic Starbucks manager, who opened his eyes to the world of lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos. We met Patrick though a virtual reality dating site, but that’s another story.